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  Swatches are available at all stores that sell paint, but a great idea is to take a swatch and a pillow from your furniture outside into the sunlight to see both in true light! A curtain or other decorating piece works as well.

 The main key to any decorating is going with colors that may you feel good, calm and at home. Colors affect different people different ways. I know a lady whose sister hates pink, not because it reminds her of medicine or because it looks bad with her pigmentation, but because she was forced to get all gifts as a child in pink while her sister got blue. Now, the  walls, the carpets, the curtains and the furniture in her home are blue or have blue in them. This may not be the healthiest of reasoning but it makes her happy!

  Decide when looking at your color selections if they are something you want to live with for a long time, otherwise you will be decorating your home continuously instead of living in it!  


Edmond, OK A Whistle Stop You Don't Want To Miss


'Do you hear that whistle down the line?' The words from Judy Garland's voice still stay with us as we think Atchison, Topeka & the Santa Fe. A railroad that attributed to the beginnings of Edmond, Oklahoma, a now thriving modern community of businesses and homes that is the top hat for the metro area!

The home of the University of Central Oklahoma, Edmond  has always been the route followed by many of the major highways to pass through Oklahoma, such as Route 66 (well known by that name due to tv and song reputation),  Hwy 77 and the ever more popular US Hwy 35 running north and south.

The downtown area shows a respect of the foundations of the community with shops and businesses maintaining the charm and ambiance of beginnings. While Edmond has developed into a jewel of the state with businesses of all kinds from technology to shopping and entertainment, it maintains a family feel and has beautiful home developments  that fulfill the dream of a place to call home.

Experience Matters - Vol 2. Issue 1


Beautiful rolling hills, sunsets and rises that set the heart on fire and homes for every style and monetary means are just a part of the great state of Oklahoma that calls you home! Oklahoma City Metro from Guthrie to Purcell and El Reno to Shawnee opens one's eyes to the possibilities of the American dream. The cost of living is known to be one of the lowest in the nation, while the ability to find jobs abounds. During the next year, this blog will review each of the wonderful cities that make up the center of our state! Hope you will join in on this review and add comments to the excitement of the golden nuggets we offer to making a life in the metro area. Remember 'Experience Matters'!

Is Homeownership Still A Dream for You?

Downpayment Assistance Bond Money Program is coming to an end February the 2nd of 2012! Currently there is still bond money available. 

A summation of the criteria for this program is as follows:

1) Your credit score must be a minimum of 640.
2)  There are income limitations which vary from Target to Non-Target Areas ranging from:
a) For a family of 1-2 Non-Target Area: $60,60
b) For a family of 3+ Non-Target Area:  $69,690
c) For a family of 1-2 Target Area:  $72,720
d) For a family of 3+ Target Area:  $84,840

3)  Through this program you may purchase either a new or existing home, with a maximum purchase price of $189,607.

If after looking at these options you feel like this program might suit your needs, please give me a call so we can get to work finding a home for you right away!
Again this program expires 2/2/2012.

Thank you for allowing me to be of service to you!
Cynthia Hutcherson
(405) 359-8700 or (405) 820-8888


As your Real Estate professional, I want you to think of me as your source for real estate advise.....not just a source to buy or sell a home.  That said, a topic for discussion was presented to me the other day and it is something that all homeowners should consider - if it makes sense for their particular circumstance.

The question presented to me was, "Should I refinance my mortgage?"  Excellent question and now is a time that MAY be perfect for some homeowners. 

Homeowners who are good candidates for a refinance are those whose interest rate would be reduced by about 2 percentage points, those who could reduce the term of the mortgage, ie. from 30 years to 15 years, and keep the payment about the same, and those who could pull equity out of the home for a major home project that would increase the value of their property such as a kitchen or bath remodel.

Homeowners who would not benefit from a refinance are those who are far enough along in the term of their mortgage that they have begun to pay more principle than interest (or closer to that than not), those who have too little equity to absorb the cost of a refinance, and those whose interest rate would only be reduced by 1 percentage point or less.

Right now, the interest rates are in the 4% - 4.5% range.  Pull out your closing papers and see if you might be the one who could benefit.  If you have an FHA loan, ask your mortgage consultant about an FHA streamline's easy and almost painless.  You might also ask for a comparison of costs and estimated payment from a conventional to an FHA loan. 

Call me if you need a referral for a good mortgage loan originator.  I only work with the best!

Check out this new listing!

3904 Windover Dr $201000.00 2432 SF

Open floor plan with 3 beds on the South and  master suite on the North. Great deck and patio overlooking wooded private yard. Many updates including tile,paint,carpet,cook top and dishwasher. Some Plantation shutters.  Wonderful Spring Hill neighborhood with park and pool.

Habitat for Humanity Edmond Build



Central Oklahoma Habitat builds new 2-, 3-, and 4-bedroom, 2-bath homes from the ground up in partnership with qualifying families and community volunteers and donors.  Our homes are attractive, well built, and energy efficient.  New home prices average about $75,000 plus the cost of land, and our buyers repay the cost of house and land over time on a zero-interest Habitat mortgage.

Central Oklahoma Habitat homes are basic but come with high-efficiency central heating and air conditioning, excellent insulation, and plenty of closet and kitchen storage space.  New homebuyers are permitted to choose their exterior paint colors, countertops, and floor coverings from patterns available through Habitat vendors.  Our new homes are basic yet comfortable, attractive, and efficient. Donors - individuals, churches, companies, foundations, and civic groups - partner with Central Oklahoma Habitat to make 15 to 18 homes possible each year.  Some organizations or individuals fund entire homes on their own, often blitz building their Habitat home in three-week compressed build projects.  What a great teambuilding experience that is!  Sometimes two organizations will partner together to fund and build a home, and many others contribute what they can to fund homes in partnership with dozens of organizations and individuals. 

The Edmond Board of Realtors is sponsoring this build and have committed to raising $12,000.00  The raise money we are selling raffle tickets for $5.00 per ticket or 5 tickets for $20.00. The raffle  prizes are an Ipad, a storm shelter for eight, a set of tools, $500.00 to spend at the apple store.

FHA Monthly Insurance Premium to Increase



Do you know anyone who is planning on buying a home or refinancing using an FHA loan?  If so the clock is ticking before HUD increases the amount of the monthly mortgage insurance premium.

For the third time in 12 months, the FHA is changing its mortgage insurance costs. FHA mortgage insurance varies by loan term, and by loan-to-value and, beginning April 18,2011, the new insurance premiums are as follows:

  • 15-year loan term, loan-to-value > 90% : 0.50% per year
  • 15-year loan term, loan-to-value <= 90% : 0.25% per year
  • 30-year loan term, loan-to-value > 95% : 1.15% per year
  • 30-year loan term, loan-to-value <= 95% : 1.10% per year

From what I have read, the reason for this increase is because of the increase in total FHA loans in the past few years.  Once deemed as the loan of choice for first time homebuyers with little down payment, or for slightly credit challenged borrowers, FHA loans have been on the rise for many experienced buyers. 

Until recently, FHA loan approvals were not credit score driven, unlike Conventional loans.  Now even FHA loans require a minimum credit score.

The upside to this change is that Conventional loans will become competitive with FHA loans again.  And if you are in the market now and want the lower MIP, a contract and loan application needs to be completed several days before the April 18th deadline.  Many mortgage companies are still quoting FHA rates between 4.623% and 5.00%.


Just thought you would like to know.

Vote for Victoria Caldwell!



My Broker, Victoria Caldwell is running for a spot on Edmond's City Council.  I would like to heartily recommend her to all of you, my friends.

I have known Victoria over 25 years.  She and I have worked together at ReMax since 1992, and before that we served together on the Edmond Board of Realtors.  I cannot think of another person whom I regard more than Victoria.

Victoria has served in many leadership positions in Real Estate and with the City of Edmond.  Currently she is Chairman of Edmond's Capital Projects Commission, having served on the Commission for four years.  She has also been a member of the Art's and Community Council and is a graduate of Leadership Edmond.

Victoria is a past President of the Edmond Board of Realtors, as well as Past President of the Oklahoma Association of Realtors.  She is a past Edmond Realtor of the Year and has received the "Most Cooperative Award" from her fellow Realtors.  She served three years as district Vice-President of the Oklahoma Association of Realtors.

I could go on and on listing her leadership roles, achievements and awards, but I would like to tell you why I personally thinks Victoria is the right person for our city at this time.

Victoria has a vested interest in the well being of the infrastructure of Edmond.  She has been "selling Edmond" for the past 32 years and a part of selling Edmond is assuring her clients that Edmond, indeed, is a great choice for purchasing a home.

Victoria's foremost concern is budgeting for long-range planning that will sustain the growth and lifestyle we enjoy in Edmond.  Funding improvements to the city's transportation system is one of her main concerns.

In order to implement the progress that Victoria foresees, she would like to involve a lot of citizens in the research and implementation of ideas.  She would like to tap into the knowledge and experience that the citizens have to find solutions rather than being advesarial all the time.

I think THAT is a GRAND idea!

Victoria's election website is

Does your house need a facelift?


We just listed a house in Meadow Lakes that had a whole house facelift.  The work was done by one of our preferred contractors, David Jourdan.  The results are outstanding!

Besides all new paint, floors, doors and hardware, one of the biggest improvements came from resurfacing the kitchen countertops and bathroom tile.  I thought I would pass tidbit along in case anyone needs to update a kitchen or bath in a cost efficient way.  The countertops and tile were "resurfaced" - not replaced, which saved the homeowner hundreds of $$$.  The tub was also reglazed making the bathtub area look brand new.

The kitchen countertops went from a "dated" apple green to an updated seamless look that looks and feels like a solid surface.

Here are some "before" and "after" pictures so you can see the results for yourself.

You can find David Jourdan's contact information, along with other trusted referral partners, in my online business directory if your house or yard needs a spring "facelift". 

......thought you might want to know!

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